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Heating with wood

For each open fireplace, stove, wood stove, etc., make sure that the logs have an appropriate size. As a rule of thumb the logs should not be longer than two-thirds of the firebox size. It should also be noted, that the combustion chamber is not overloaded. Per 1 kg of wood about 4.2 kW heating energy is released. Therefore, the stove should be filled with an appropriate amount of wood. That means when filled with about 2 kg of wood, about 8.4 kW heating energy are released. If the stove has now a heating capacity of only 7kW, ​​the fireplace is overloaded and can be damaged.

In order to achieve a clean combustion, the fire is
lit from above and burns from the top .

Lighting from the top works as followed:

The fire is now burning down from the top.


The combustion takes place in three processes

  1. The drying phase - here the residual moisture from the wood escapes (possibly indicated by small white plumes)
  2. The gasification phase
  3. The burnout phase - with temperatures up to 800 degrees Celsius

The furnace runs properly if the flames are long and yellow. When the combustion runs poor without long yellow flames, soot particles are formed, which can be found e.g. in the corners of the stove windows.

Wood storage :

For a low pollutant and particulate air pollution a good wood stock is also important. Wood should not be stored in basements or garages. An ideal solutuon is a storage timber before a north oriented wall. The distance between the wood and the wall should be about 10 cm. Also the space between the floor to the bottom of the timber should also be 10 cm - just as the distance between roof and timber.

In this video you get additional information

Video Wood storage

>>> German Version "Heizen mit Holz"

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